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quinta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2008


Actually we gotta abstract ourselves off this sick jungle of rocks. And computers. And life. This whole nonsense circle of stress and rudeness, where people think power and reason mean intelectual superiority. Human superiority. Bunch of ignorants. Bunch of blind stupid ignorants, completely unable to see the world as an extention from the past. Go to hell with your moment of shit, go to hell with your small and insignificant thoughts. Things come back around(your enviable experience should have tell you that!). Your fuckin shit will get solved in the end. Go to hell. Look at yourself, just for once, idiot. And go to the fuckin hell.


We gottabstract... We gottabstract... I´ve gottabstract! That is social life, and our own life would not work that well if we didn´t make it.

Oh whatever!!! TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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